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Our History

LFA Private Wealth Management was officially formed in 2003 by a team of advisors with nearly 50 years of industry experience. Since its inception, LFA has evolved from life insurance, to defined benefit and defined contribution plans, to a private wealth management and goals-based financial planning firm. We are, at our core, a holistic financial planning firm and currently work with affluent and high net-worth individuals, families and business owners.

Our approach to both private wealth management and small business retirement planning, is based on the client’s goals. To assist our clients in reaching their goals, as their advisor, we must first set out to achieve our main objective - to get to know each person, family, and business on a deeper, more personal level. From there, we are able to create a custom asset allocation model that is reflective of their goals and aligned with their level of risk tolerance. Once that model is approved for implementation, we manage each portfolio with precision in a cost and tax efficient manner. As life changes and markets shift, we ensure plans stay on track with in-depth analysis and making necessary adjustments along the way.

We seek optimal long-term investor performance through understanding the goals of each client, and managing their portfolio with a long-term perspective. Engaging the latest technological resources, as well as our network of strategic partners, we are able to enhance the client experience by gaining deeper insight into their needs and risk tolerance. Recommendations, implementation, re-balancing, and future modifications are accurate and instrumental in the success of each plan we help create.

The SFA does not give tax or legal advice.

We cannot guarantee future financial results.