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Multi-Generational Wealth Planning

You have worked hard and with purpose to accumulate your current wealth. You’ve built a robust nest egg that provides for your family today, with the hope that it will do the same for future generations to come.

At LFA, we understand the complexities of multi-generational wealth planning, as well as its extensive benefits. You will spend a lifetime of accumulating, investing, and growing your wealth. As you prepare to retire and plan your legacy, you have a unique opportunity to share your success, and provide your family with long-term financial security.

A comprehensive and customized financial strategy from LFA is the key to reaching your multi-generational wealth planning goals. Taking the time to understand the full dynamics of your family, as well as your complete financial picture, we will guide you through delicate conversations and common issues that surround the distribution of family wealth.

Allow our team to support you and your family as you work toward reaching your multi-generational wealth goals.